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The last stand of the Incarnates. The "End Times: Archaon" is nearly finished!

Time to finish this. This last couple days have been dead 'ard, as any Orc would say, but it all looks better now. So much better in fact, that I've decided to (almost) finish my "Archaon" review.

No more screwing around. Let's jump right into it, shall we?

1. Balthasar Gelt, Incarnate of Metal

"It's a kind of magic, magic, magic" (also fuck Blogger's text formatting bullshit)

Balthasar Gelt is the second human Incarnate present during the "End Times" and certainly more magic oriented (duh) than Karl Franz/Sigmar reborn. For a whooping 475 points we have a flying, level 5 Lore of Metal Loremaster who is completely useless in CQC. In fact he's the weakest Incarnate in terms of combat and survivability, but that's not why you should take him. You see, Gelt's main power lies in his support spells, which the Lore of Metal is famous for as well as his signature Incarnate spell. "The Crucible" is a level 10 bound spell that allows Gelt to teleport himself and/or D3 other units to any place on the battlefield, including right under your enemies noses, however doping so makes your guys sufer D6-1 Wounds with no saves allowed. Still - this is a pretty sweet deal to make a sudden Alpha Legion surprise against the poor sods facing you. Gelt's items are kited towards survival. His basic save is a laughable 6+, but the "Cloak of Molten Metal" makes him resilant against shoting attacks (Ward Save 3+) while "Amulet of Sea Gold" grants him Magic Resistance (3). Oh and let us not forget that Gelt is now one of the Power Rangers so he gets a 2+ ward save against all Flaming Attacks, which is nice but totally situational. Finally the "Staff of Volans" makes casting easier for him, granting Gelt additional +2 to any magic test.

Gelt is a weird character. He's frail as hell, but he can't be placed in any unit, since he's on a flying horse. Immediately enemy shooters, war machines and casters will target him so he should be flying around as much as possible. Then again his signature spell has an 18'' range, which isn't a lot so he probably should be sticking close to allied units, that can benefit from it as much as possible. He's a buff-machine, but frail and so should be handled with care. Otherwise he's toast.

2.Tyrion, Incarnate of Light

At this point the bastard's simply indestructible

Don't you love when writers cheapen one's sacrifice by ressurecting their favorite, mary sue characters beacuse they can't stand to see them dead? Yeah, me neither. So Tyrion's back and not only he got the "walk out of jail" card from all the other Elves, but now he is also a literall powerhouse. Costing a staggering 550 points, Tyrion has WS of 10, I 10, 5 Attacks and... Strength and Toughness of 4? What the hell? Yeah, he can chop really well but is not that strong so keep that in mind. Always Strikes First, Martial Prowess and Valour of Ages are still here and with I 10 there is no way someone will be able to hit him first. Also those delicious re-rolls...  Being an Incarnate of Light Magic he automatically wounds any Daemon/Undead, dealing a single Strength 4 magical hit to any of them, that are within 12'' of him. That's really gotta hurt, especially those cocksure ethereals. "Shield of Light" grants any friendlies within 12'' a 5+ WS against shooting and spells, which imrpoves to respectable 4+, granted that the shooter/caster is either Undead or a Daemon. Both of his magic items are the same as they used to. "Sunfang" grants him +3 Strength (very useful) and a single S4 template shooting attack, while "Dragon Armour of Aenarion" makes him very resilent, poviding a 1+ AS, a 4+ ward AND the "Fireborn" special rule.

Oh and his horse is back too, and good as always. Movement of 10 is always appreciated, not to mention the combat stats that aren't half bad.

Tyrion is a rape train. Altough not as powerful as when he was Khaine's vessel, he will still eradicate whole units on his own. Stick him into a unit of Dragon Princes, give them some nice magical standard and watch your opponent pull his hair by the handful.

That's all for now. Next time the last 3 special characters of Archaon will get a review and then it's special units time. Sorry for the piecemeal attitude with my posts lately, but right now it's really out of my hands. Hopefully it'll change soon.

Until next time



This Is the End. Here is the first part of the "End Times: Archaon" review

All good things must eventually come to pass. The same goes for medicore and bad things, so this is the final entry in my "End Times: Archaon" review.

Ok, actually that was a lie. Because of IRL reasons I'll need to split this one into two parts. Also sorry for the delay peeps. Just got some stuff to sort out right now.

Anyway, like I've said already, this isn't the last "End Times" post. There will be a summary of all new, special units available in ET and a long-ass rant about the overall quality of this thing, coupled with some thoughts on the Age of Sigmar. But first things first. Let's take a look on new special characters that "Archaon" provides us with.

1. Skarr Bloodwrath, Daemonic Lord of Khorne

 He really got beefed up on red meat! 
They don't even pretend anymore. Skarr Bloodwrath likes blood... like a lot. Seriously, just look at him. He carries Bloodstorm Blades and has the "Bloodborn" special rule. Oh and his skin is the color of blood. Yeah... Very subtle GW, very subtle. Anyway - he's a Lord choice that costs 300 points and has a decent statline with WS 8 (of course) and 5 Attacks but only 3 Wounds and Toughness of 5. However it's his gear and special rules that make him shine, like a blood ruby (see, I can do that too!). Bloodstorm Blades are paired magic weapons that grant him +2 Strength in the first round of combat as well as Impact Hits (D3). Perfect for that first strike against your opponent which Skarr has a chance to pull off with his Initiative of 7. His special rules are also nice. He's Immune to Psychology, has a Magic Resistance of 1 and bears the Mark of Khorne. Also the Eye of the Gods is upon him but that is to be expected.

At this point they're not even trying with the names anymore. Skarr loves the Blood God, carries

Finally there's his "Bloodsworn" special rule which is basically a ressurection... but with a twist! Everytime Skarr kills a monster or an opponent in a challenge, he recieves a "Blood Tally". If he is removed as a casualty (Dark Apotheosis and Spawndom don't count!), the controlling player places a counter on his last position and roll a D6, adding the total "Blood Tally". On a 4+ Skarr returns from the dead anywhere within 6'' of the counter's centre and 1'' of any enemy model or scenery with D3 Wounds and without any bonuses and/or penalties from his past existence (except of those from the Eye of the Gods table). Potentialy useful, but it means that Skarr really has to kill a lot of dudes for this to work out in his favor, but I have to admit that it is both fluffy and potentialy means that he can return from the dead ad infinitum. Skarr is a perfect example of a Khorne Lord done right. If you want him to earn back his points then you have to kill stuff... a lot!

2. Isabella the Accursed, Bane of the Undead

"I don't know what the hell am I suppose to do!"

Vlad's favorite waifu returns, this time in the employ of Papa Nurgle. How the hell does this make any fucking sense, I don't really know. Anyways Miss Carstein is a Level 3 Wizard, knowing both the Lore of Vampires and the Lore of Nurgle, making her a truly unique caster in ET. Her special rules are also interesting. On one hand she's Undead but also hates them! Then there is "Bolorog's Influence" allowing her to cast Nurgle spells like a daemon, even tough she's not one. "Curse of Life" makes Undead units her bitches, dealing D3 Wounds with no saves allowed, for every wound dealt to them already by Isabella. This is downright nasty, as it also negates Ward Saves. Finally "The Blessing of Great Nurgle" really makes her a passive damage dealer, as every model in base contact with her, at the beginning of EVERY Magic phase, suffers a single Strength 1 hit with no armour saves allowed. This is potentially devastating for low Toughness, horde armies such as Skaven, Undead and Empire, but also means that Izzy should stick to CC as much as possible.
Isabella carries only a single magic item, The Plague Chalice, which she can use only once. At the start of your Magic phase, as long as Izzy is not in combat, place a small template in front of her and then declare in which direction it will move. After that roll 3D6 and move it accordingly. Any model touched by this template suffers a single Wound with no armour saves allowed, unless it passes a Toughness test. If you ask me, this is kinda meh. It's essentialy an item that grants her the power "The Blessing of Great Nurgle", only it has a ranged capability and is a one use only. Again, it can work rather nicely against low T armies, but overall it's nothing special.
Isabella's skills and magic item clearly show that she's meant to be used against low Toughness armies. Fighting opponents like Chaos Warriors, Lizardmen or (Nurgle help you) Ogres, she will struggle, being a fragile little vampiress that she is... sort of. Ok she has a Toughness 5 and Initiative 8, but only 3 Wounds and no armour save. Granted she can watch out for herself with 6 Attacks at WS 7, but still... She will be chewed by A) any sort of massed fire and B) the return attacks of the remaining regiment that she's currently fighting, especially one with high T characteristic. For 430 points she's really not worth it, and takes a second place in my list of  "The most useless "End Times characters". Spend those points on some Daemons and Papa Nurgle will reward you greatly.

That's it for this time. Again, I'm sorry for both the delay and the length of this post, but real life calls me and I cannot ignore it's sweet, sweet attentions. I'll try to scribble something more this sunday, so stay tuned!

Until next time