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Sharing is caring! On the topic of my WH40K RPG's collection

Some time ago I've decided to share a bunch of fan-made materials for WFRP. Now it's time for my 40K RPG's resource collection.

I've played a couple of FFG's role-playing games, set in the grim darkness of the far future. Despite a rocky start (a shitty player was its cause), from the perspective of time I consider them good games. Sure they have a number of flaws, but all in all they're very decent titles and work well in introducing others to the universe of Warhammer 40,00. Not to mention that the Dark Heresy is a perfect way of showing people that the galaxy of 40K is more than just "only war".

It's also about looking fabulous, even in a heavy rain!
But I digress. Even tough the FFG's 40K titles are much younger than WFRP, fans from all around the world still created a lot of quality resources for these games. The now-defunct sites like Dark Reign and Roll for Heresy were a great source of hundreds of various, fan-made files for Rogue Trader, Deathwatch and other 40K games. I was lucky enough to download quite many of them, before their hosting services went down, which is a shame really. WFRP has a lot of cool fan-sites, while role=playing games, set in the universe of Warhammer 40,000, seem to struggle in that department. I hope this will change in near future, providing the fans of WH40K with great, many communities, filled with wonderful people and high quality content.

As with my WFRP collection, I'm only sharing 100% FAN-MADE stuff. So no illegal, scanned shit. Don't ask me for that, as I will simply not reply to anyone, who'd like to get his hands on a shiny Only War rulebook PDF, or any other, official material from Fantasy Flight Games (or Black Industries, for that matter).

I'm also not taking any credit for the stuff that I'm sharing here. I've never created a single, fan-made supplement for 40K (maybe one day, but not yet), so any rights and credits go to the respective creators of these fan-made projects. If any of their authors would like me to remove their content from my collection, please send me a message and I will do this immediately. Remember that I'm posting this stuff so it will not dissapear in the endless waves of the internet, especially now, when there are no 40K RPG fan-sites available, as far as I know.

Here's the link to my collection. Enjoy and share, as that's what this whole stuff is all about - sharing your passion with other people.

Hopefully, I will also manage to upload both of my RPG collections to a FTP server, but that is something for a (near) future.

There has also been a small update, concerning my WFRP data base: I've uploaded lots of new stuff there! So get it, while it's hot and share the wealth with other geeks and freaks. As usual, there will be updates to these data-vaults, probably around early winter. I will keep everyone posted on my blog, so check it out from time to time, and you won't miss anything. I guarantee that.

Next post will take us to a particulary rainy village in Reikland. Stay tuned and praise the Emperor.

Oh, and pass the ammunition!
Until next time!


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