My last post on this blog

This is a public service announcement.This is the last post that I'll ever publish on this blog. I've moved to WordPress and you can find my little slice of internet under this address.
I won't post anything more on Blogger. It was fun for the last couple of years, but this platform's mechanics, bugs and other issues prompted me to move to a new domain.

I will leave this blog as it is. I have a lot of memories connected to it, but from now on I'll be posting exclusively on WordPress. Hope to see you all there.
Until next time... in a new and better place!

The times of change are upon us. I'm moving to WordPress!

This was bound to happen sooner or later - I am moving from Blogspot to WordPress in a couple of days.Yeah, no "normal" post this time, sorry. Lately I've decided that I'm done with Blogger. The platform was never that good to begin with. It had formating issues, the mobile app is a joke and lately they've cut the number of words in the search description. Especially that last change proved to be the main tipping point for me, as it hit my analitics very hard. I honestly don't know what kind of stuff people at Google are smoking, but it looks to me like they literally hate their premiere blogging platform and anyone who's using it.

Back in 2014 I've decided to start using Blogger because it was convinient. I was able to control all of my social media platforms and accounts from one place, and for a time it proved to be a good decision. Unfortunately not anymore. The pitifully small ammount of tags that I can use for each post is just irritating, and so…

My Big Fat Hunter: The Reckoning bachelor party!

As an avid roleplayer a lot of things that I do in life are connected with my hobby. That said, I would have never imagined that my friends would organise me a... Hunter-themed bachelor party!Oh yeah, it happened. Last year, during late Autumn I got married. Before the ceremony my closest friends decided to threw me a bachelor party that I'd never forget. It was a tricky task, since I'm not into clubbing, strippers (obviously my wife is reading this), not even racing or gambling! So these absolute madmen gathered together one day, and decided that Hunter: The Reckoning-themed bachelor party is the right way to go. Oh boy, do these boys know me well!

Simply put - it was awesome. Those of you who follow my blog for some time, know that I'm a huge Classic World of Darkness fan. In fact my favorite CWoD splat is the underdog of this whole line - Hunter: The Reckoning, a game from 1999. I will write a comprehensive review/love letter to it one day, but for now let me just say th…

Xathrodox86 reviews: "A Brutal Finish" by T.S. Luikart

Today was supposed to be James Purefoy day, but to be honest I didn't had time to fully watch "Ironclad". Too much things going on at once! That said, I did finally managed to read "A Brutal Finish", the official adventure from "Realms of Sorcery".I've been running various scenarios for the 4th edition of Warhammer Fantasy roleplay for some time now. Most of them have been adapted from the 2nd edition, and before we jump into "Rough Nights & Hard Days", I wanted to run "A Brutal Finish", the scenario from 2nd edition's "Realms of Sorcery" book. Is it worth checking out?

Taking place in Averheim, shortly after the death of Marius Leitdorf, the "Mad Count of Averland", the adventure is centred around a series of mysterious deaths. Apparently the capital of the province has been plagued by a series of mysterious spontaneous combustions. People from all walks of life have been bursting into cold blue flam…

Role-playing Rants: Why I dislike the "sandbox approach"

A few days ago I've posted a rather controversial tweet about sandbox games, and why I think they're infinitely less appealing than those "on the rails".I also made a terrible mistake of forgetting about how much people get offended these days. My meme-based tweet twisted a lot of panties, fortunately most of the people interacting with it were reasonable and understood its tongue-in-cheek nature. To those people I say: thank you. Now back to topic.
I dislike sandbox games a lot. They're boring, sluggish and only offer the guise of freedom. Shit, I almost forgot - this is of course only mine opinion, even if I present it as a revealed truth.

Anyway, sandbox games - they're boring. Every single sandbox that I was playing or running was suffering from that problem. Even the ones that I watched on YouTube were horribly boring. The main problem here is that sandbox only works if the players have a clear goal for both their individual characters as well as the whole…