My last post on this blog

 This is a public service announcement.

This is the last post that I'll ever publish on this blog. I've moved to WordPress and you can find my little slice of internet under this address.

I won't post anything more on Blogger. It was fun for the last couple of years, but this platform's mechanics, bugs and other issues prompted me to move to a new domain.

A much better one, I might add...

I will leave this blog as it is. I have a lot of memories connected to it, but from now on I'll be posting exclusively on WordPress. Hope to see you all there.

Until next time... in a new and better place!



  1. For Sigmar! For a short moment I have almost a heart attack. Title is like perfect example of clickbait :-D
    it is good to see you still blogging. I will watch you on wordpress then. :-)

    1. Thank you. I don't plan to dissapear, at least not yet. ;) As for the clickbait title - I didn't even saw it in the first place. Now that I did, I'm kidna embarassed. :D

    2. Uhm I'm sorry for that :-D anyway you make start me thinking about move on wordpress too. Blogger isn't bad platform neither good. It's just medicore and for me I constantly find out new issues and restrictions it has. Wordpress is more open, like sand-box.

    3. No need to be. ;) WordPress, as I can attest after the last few days, is much better and offers more options. You can transfer your whole blog there, and the customization options are great. Not to mention there's a lot more of them, than on Blogger.


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